To participate in any of the actvities listed below, you can contact your coordinator.

Knowledge meetings
Participating in one of our activities is an excellent way to increase your knowledge and expertise in the IT domain. Gaining an inside look at another organisation will deliver new insights and inspiration for your daily work. Next to this, it is a good way to expand your network and further boost your career as IT professional.

Seek specific advice from peers of other organizations on issues such as Srcum/Agile development or Automated Testing. Experience has learnt that these sessions offer instant valuable advice.

Do you want to take your personal development a step further by undertaking a temporary (part-time) assignment at another organization? This is an excellent opportunity to broaden your view and increase your expertise. During the assignment you will remain employed by your own organization and afterwards return with a lot of experience. Contact your coordinator for the possibilities.

Company visits
Would you like to know how other organizations tackle issues around topics such as Big Data and Portfoliomanagement? Take a look behind the scenes of another company.

Peer reviews
Seek for direct advice on a specific subject, for example Sourcing Strategy. In a peer review session, you can share with your peers from other organizations. You will benefit from experiences and new perspectives brought by peers from other organizations.

Sharing information in a trusted circle of peers and comparing for example the hiring costs of external professionals, this is where the practical benchmark fits in.

For examples of our activities click here.

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