Culture eats strategy for breakfast

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Culture is constantly developing and changing. That constant change is precisely what makes it difficult to properly describe the identity and culture of a company. But  let's have a look at 'the reason why' and 'the way' the organization wants to achieve a desired identity and culture. That might create more clarity. 

Involvement and flexibility of (IT-employees increases when people become happier within the organization. This makes an employee more successful and offers more value for the organization and its customers. They also want to continue to improve.

Recently we were at the Ministry of Defense to discuss this in detail with various members of the IT-Circles from all over the Netherlands. After the introduction Aniek van Veghel (advisor social innovation - Ministry of Defense) and Rien Schalkwijk (Chief Enthousiasm Officer & Company Rebel) shared their point of view on this matter. How to make a real difference with a club of 4 people. 

Robin Spierings (KLM Digital Transformation) talked about the change process that has been initiated in this area within KLM and shared her own questions regarding this theme, with extra attention for the influence of management on culture change.
Many questions were asked during these presentations. The various members also shared a great deal of information on their approach within the organizations. Particularly in the area of the human factor, there is much to improve and achieve from the management level. Hostmanship is also a great driver for change. But above all, the factor time is important. Make time for this in your organization, it is essential!  

A very productive, informative session with many participants, which resulted in a lot of interaction between the participants and great energy. Also after the session, participants contacted each other to share information. We aim to quickly follow up this IT-Circle Nederland session. 

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