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On June, 13 a large number of the IT-Circle coordinators were present during the annual coordinators' meeting, this time at the temporary location of the IT-Circle in Houten. The theme of the afternoon/evening was Connect, Collaborate & Contribute, with 4 important issues on the program:

After welcoming the group and introductions of the participants, Frits Bussemaker gave an inspiring presentation on community building. Frits recently joined the IT-Circle and is a true community builder. Based on his experience, he has given his view on the IT-Circle community, the value of this community, its objectives and choices, in an inspiring and informative way. The new learning, the real connecting and sharing of knowledge is what it is all about in the (near) future for organizations and employees. The IT-Circle community is leading the way in this! The role of the coordinator is key within this community and - as part of work experience - is an increasingly valuable addition to your career.

After everyone had been inspired, the second part of the program was: the election of the 'Coordinator of the Year'.  After long deliberation, the IT-Circle organization chose Veroniek Blommaert-Verwer of Utrecht University. Thanks to its dedication, involvement and positive contribution, Utrecht University is a participant that organizes a lot of activities, attends many sessions and demonstrates that it can make the most of the power of the IT-Circle. Veroniek was proud to receive the award and the warm applause from her co-coordinators.

Because of the theme Connect, Collaborate, Contribute, we asked Veroniek to share how she fulfils the role of coordinator, how she achieves this result. In an educational presentation, Veroniek gave her fellow coordinators a number of tips & tricks. For example, how she positions the IT-Circle within UU and how she creates involvement from the management. In addition, she has her 'tentacles' good in the organization, in order to generate many activities.
But also that she values the presence at the coordinators' meetings and that it is important to communicate frequently about the IT-Circle within the organization. Valuable and useful tips!

After that, the Connect part continued while enjoying a Spanish snack and drink and – among other things - there was a lot of discussion about the information provided by Frits and Veroniek. New contacts were made between the various Circles, and as a result there is a new group at Basecamp where all coordinators can find, question and help each other.

All in all a successful meeting with coordinators, which we will certainly organize again next year, probably at our new location in Utrecht.

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