Enterprise Architecture Round Table

tags: Knowledge Meetings

At Vanderlande we discussed Enterprise Architecture (EA) with a broad diversity of IT-Circle members including NXP, DAF and Parnassia; all having different approaches, maturity and experience levels in the area of Enterprise Architecture. During this round table Vanderlande stated the question why they would need an Enterprise Architecture; how it can increase responsiveness to change and how to design it fit for purpose. This led to interesting discussing on the advantages, do’s and don’ts and practical approach towards Enterprise Architecture.  

The afternoon gave new insights to all participants, which led to the agreement to plan  follow up on this event, too be continued…

Some quotes of participating organizations:

A nice glimpse into another sector, which shows that we are not the only ones struggling with EA and that there are the same challenges at play.” Parnassia Groep

It is very useful to spar with peers” NXP

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