PMO and its environment

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PMO and its environment  

During this well-attended round table with IT-Circle members from all over the country, a.s.r. and EDSN presented about the transformation of traditional project management to Agile working.  

During the first part of the session we talked about the success factors of PMO, being the guide within a project environment.  A diverse role where strategic stakeholder management is as important as operational presence. However, the character of stakeholder management is changing to a more interactive form, visualization fulfils the control and reporting needs 

In the second part of the afternoon the emphasis was on Agile working. "It is a matter of trust to make Agile work, especially in stakeholder management". In the philosophy of change, cooperation is central. There is a great need for agility, Agile reduces risks, which requires a different approach for large projects, many changes and a short time to market.   

However, the waterfall method should certainly not be excluded. No single method is the silver bullet, the use of different methods is also possible. Which method has which advantage? Approach the answers from an Agile perspective! 

Scrum for example, can be difficult within large projects and budgeting. How to stay in control and how to work together? Software is not Agile in the startup, but it is in progress. In a complex field, Agile and Scrum are of added value, but this requires a different mind-set.  
Agile is not at the expense of jobs and not threatening but offering opportunities. More agility, more influence, less complexity this all makes employees happier. As an example: Happiness is a KPI at the  EDSN team.   

After discussing the various methodologies and best practices, the conclusion was that we’ll have to use what worksconclude with reflection and see what lessons have been learned. As a consequence we all agreed that follow-up sessions on the topics discussed is needed. After the summer sessions will be organized for an Obeya room and how vision and roles of PMO can be further shaped.

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