Robotic Proces Automation

tags: Knowledge Meetings

It might not seem very obvious, but Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a topic that can have much impact in organizations. Not only in business processes but also in quality, compliance, costs and even motivation. Discussed topics where i.e. Centre of Excellence, governance, KPI dashboarding, tooling and the identification of processes to determine if RPA is the best fit.

Worth mentioning is the very diverse knowledge level, practice and approach of RPA within participating organizations. For many, RPA seems to be only one way of handling automation and improving processes, and maybe even a temporary solution.

This round table was hosted by Vanderlande, with ASML as co-host. The event can be marked as a success with many IT-Circle members participating, great discussions and positive feedback. A follow up session and deep dive on e.g. RPA governance or application of Machine Learning and AI is therefore beyond dispute.

Some quotes from the particpants:
I have learned a lot of new things and got new insights” - Parnassia Groep
Inspiring and triggering internal follow up” - NXP

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