Soft Skills needed!

tags: Knowledge Meetings

Together with a group of 15 human resources- and business managers we discussed the reasons for development of Soft Skills. The 21st Century professional should to be able to combine tech savviness with the skills to co-working, and thus effectively connect with other professionals. Skills like critical thinking, creativity, communication, flexibility, leadership, initiative to name a few. What will future request on skills be?
The key competence for lifelong learning is entrepreneurship. The ability to take control of one’s own journey and being able to self-direct your learning and development. Anoesjka Timmermans from the Amsterdam School of International Business shared her PHD research findings on ‘Employability skills of the 21st century’.

How can we learn from young talents we recruit? How do we stimulate T-Shaped Professionals? A successful change in attitude and interest needs an integral approach, supported by top management and a continuous focus. In this perspective, one of the participants in this session shared their 70/20/10 program. 70% training on the job, 20% coaching and 10% training.

This was a session in which we broadened our horizon and took the first steps on defining the requested Soft Skills. We reflected and discussed how to combine the young and the older generation and get the best out of both parties.


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