kick-off ‘Expert Group Office 365’

tags: Knowledge Meetings

Last October 9th, the ’Expert group ‘Office 365’ had its Eindhoven IT-Circle kick-off at DAF Trucks. Attending organizations were DAF, JUMBO, Vanderlande, DLL, Fontys and ASML. After an introduction on the why and how,  the expectations within the group were gathered.
During the presentation from DAF Trucks we learned about their internal structure and implementation procedure  of the Office 365 platform.
DAF’s core business is production of trucks. But what would the outcome be when priorities have to be set for a software update for a truck or an Office 365 update? How do you cope with this and which adaptions have to be made?  

During the presentation the group came up with good feedback and similar issues were seen through all organizations. Best failures and lessons learned were shared in the group, which is one of the main goals for expert groups.

After an impressive tour through the DAF factory, the remaining part of the afternoon was spent on an inventory of which knowledge can be exchanged by the different organizations.  

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