Why Strategic Workforce Planning Matters

tags: Knowledge Meetings

This summer DLL hosted the knowledge session ‘Strategic Workforce Planning’ in Eindhoven. Sharing knowledge on this topic and enabling IT-Circle Eindhoven colleagues to look further into the IT future – and the resources needed – was the main goal for this afternoon.

DLL  presented how they process the identification of capabilities within the organization and what future capabilities have to be developed to enable DLL to adapt their IT in the fast changing IT-landscape.


The necessity of working on a strategic workforce planning can be found in the growing customer expectations in the Digital Era, according to DLL. ‘Not the technology, but the resources and professionalism will become the differentiators. You simply have to check periodically whether current capabilities are in line with future requirements and determine which capabilities need to be developed or added’, according to DLL.  


Different members of the IT-Circle Eindhoven joined this knowledge session and qualified the session as very useful. Obstacles in this process were identified and possible solutions were highlighted. In short: an interesting, interactive session again!

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