DevOps and Architecture

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DevOps has much impact on IT-architecture. For example, working under architecture is considered a precondition for well-functioning DevOps teams. In addition, we must ensure that DevOps teams really work according the rules and frames set by architects. In this session the problems concerning IT-architecture in a DevOps/Agile environment were part of the discussion.

Recently, DAF Trucks has drawn up a preliminary architecture plan. Jos Beelen (Senior IT-architect), Ron Rovers (Senior Software Engineer) and Robert Lelivelt (Information Analyst) at DAF Trucks, have presented this plan and started a discussion with the participants, addressing the following issues: * Which aspects are important for architecture in a DevOps environment? What about testability and deploy ability? * How do you ensure that DevOps teams work (correctly) under architecture? Which frames do you set?

Also, the part of the implementation of the Agile architecture within the organisation was part of this session.

The session was very well organised on a beautiful location at DAF headquarters and was well received by the participants. This will result in follow up sessions on this theme, a.o communication sharing in Agile and DevOps organisations, 'Strangler' model, how to motivate business...

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