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The first sprint is much like the first pancake… it is often spoiled.

More and more members of the IT-Circles are working with the principles of Agile and Scrum. And where some organizations completely talk Agile, most organizations cherry pick elements of different methods and take the best of both worlds. At ASML, people in projects use a project management methodology (PMM) that is tailored for Waterfall projects. However, they also execute projects with a Scrum component. The IT PMO department wants to help their project leads by offering a PMM-Scrum variant. ASML wanted to know how other organizations are doing this. What are their experiences & tips and what are pitfalls? On March 15, the Eindhoven IT-Circle held a round table at ASML where participants from the Gemeente Eindhoven, DAF Trucks and Fontys shared knowledge and experiences about tailoring Project Management Methodologies.

During this session we focused on questions and challenges such as: How do we avoid partly filled out templates under the guise of “that it is the Agile way of working”? How do you get more attention for an Agile mindset? How do we handle the struggle between different interests? We say that we put our customers in the center, but who is our customer?  And how do we stay away from the pitfall of placing the project leader in the roll of product owner? One participant even compared sprints with baking pancakes, the first one is often spoiled.

The group recognized a lot in each other's stories but there were also a lot of differences. For example; in some organizations everybody is welcome at the Retrospective but in other organizations it is exclusively for the project team.  Time flew, there was so much to share. Everybody was very open and contributed to the discussion. And even though some organizations are further along on the road of working Agile, everybody learned from each other.  There are already ideas for a next session. To be continued!

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