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At NXP we impact day-to-day life for millions of people across the globe through our strategy of 'Secure Connections for a Smarter World'. NXP is a brand with a reputation for quality and excellence in the world of semiconductors and our products are fundamental elements of customer innovations that help shape the modern consumer and business worlds. We stand for innovation, agility in thinking and responsiveness. We are committed to improving the way people live, the way they work, how they pay for products and services, communicate, travel, look after their health, even how they play. ​

​NXP employs approximately 31,000 people in 33 countries, including 11,000 engineers in 25 countries. Innovation is our watchword, and goes hand in hand with talent to ensure that we take the lead in the markets in which we operate. ​​​

The IT department is committed to providing cost effective IT solutions that are a key enabler to reach the goals of NXP. Our aim is to be a flexible and efficient organization and a valued partner of the business. IT plays a particularly crucial role in merger integration by ensuring business-as-usual operations during the integration process, combining the IT departments of merging companies and recognizing synergies and establishing an end-state architecture for the long-term business objectives of the company in its new iteration.

Our people are the heart and soul of our business. Helping every employee to be the best that they can be is a core part of our philosophy and we recognize the prime importance of sharing knowledge. So we are happy to participate in the IT circle initiative, to create a trusted platform which can be used to share information with other companies.

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