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Participating organizations have coordinators, who have an important role in matching requests of  their own organization and employees as well as in matching requests of other organizations and employees.

Eindhoven IT Circle coordinators are: 

ASML: Anky de Zeeuw (anky.de.zeeuw@asml.com) and Anke Geurtsen (anke.geurtsen@asml.com

DAF Trucks: Rens Evers (Rens.Evers@DAFTRUCKS.com)

DLL: Eric van der Linden (eric.vanderlinden@dllgroup.com)

Fontys: Kaysri Bangaru (k.bangaru@fontys.nl)

Gemeente Eindhoven: Jacko Kuppens (jwj.kuppens@eindhoven.nl)

NXP: Henk Coenen (henk.coenen@nxp.com)

Vanderlande: Chris van Oijen (Chris.van.Oijen@vanderlande.com)

and Daphne Joosten (daphne.joosten@vanderlande.com)

Jumbo: Jan Verspaget ( jan.verspaget@jumbo.nl)

Philips: Ankur Handa (ankur.handa@philips.com)

Swinkels Family Brewers: Maurice Rijnen (Maurice.Rijnen@swinkelsfamilybrewers.com)

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